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We replace screens, batteries, charging ports and all other parts in your iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, Galaxy, Pixel, or Motorola device. Tech Jedi specializes in circuit board, tablet, smart watch and phone repair but we welcome all types of electronics.

Welcome to Tech Jedi. Our goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the service and repair that we provide. The best way to achieve that goal is to acquire the best parts available at the lowest price, from responsible sellers, and do our repairs as if it were our own device. If after your repair is completed you believe that you didn't get our very best then we didn't do our job. We aim to be the best in the Galaxy. Hope to hear from you!


Hi I'm Jeff.  I am the owner and sole technician of Tech Jedi.  Outside of work I am a the father of 3 amazing children.


Our aim at Tech Jedi is to offer the highest quality screen repair possible. Sometime ago I started buying, refurbishing and reselling iPhones as a way to bring in extra money for the family.  I discovered that I love the unique nature of this job and decided to commit to electronics repair as a full time career.  

When I started this work I quickly realized that making a profit using the highest quality parts would be a great challenge.  My time refurbishing and selling used phones showed me that many customers simply want the lowest cost option available.  As most know you get what you pay for.  A myriad of problems result from using low quality components.  The customer will not be happy with the finished product and in turn they will not be happy with the repair service.  No one wins in that situation.  I decided that if I cannot make a business work doing it honestly, fairly and with excellence, then I have little desire to do it at all.

At Tech Jedi we have just one core value.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  That means doing every repair with excellence.  It means being completely genuine, honest and transparent in customer interaction.  It means offering flexibility and being able to work with the customer to provide the service they desire.  It means guaranteeing customer satisfaction and making it right in the event that the customer is not satisfied.  Last but not least, it means having as small a carbon footprint as possible considering the nature of the business. 


Our goal at Tech Jedi is simply to provide the best repair service in the galaxy.

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