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Smart Phone Batteries

We always believe OEM original is the best option when available.  Most batteries that we currently have in stock are OEM original Apple batteries pulled from decommissioned iPhones.  We have both like new and slightly worn batteries.  Most batteries that we carry have a 90% or greater original capacity remaining.  Even a 20% worn OEM battery will preform better and last longer than most non-OEM batteries.  


The fee for an iPhone battery replacement is a flat $15.  Non-iphone battery replacement cost will vary by device difficulty but range from $20-30.

For a battery replacement quote please call, text or e-mail us.

IN STOCK BATTERIES and likely price range (battery cost only)

  • iPhone SE - $9-13

  • iPhone 6 - $7-13

  • iPhone 6 plus - $9-13

  • iPhone 6s - $7-12

  • iPhone 6s plus - $8-14

  • iPhone 7 - $8-12

  • iPhone 7 plus - $8-16

The price for battery replacement will depend on our actual cost to purchase the battery, which is fluid.  An average battery replacement is between $25-$35 for the entire repair (not including sales tax). 

For a battery replacement quote please contact us at our e-mail address with the device name, device model number and the desired repair.  For a battery replacement quote please call, text or e-mail​ us.

As with screen repairs you can purchase your own battery to bring in for replacement or request a specific battery be ordered in prior to appointment and we will simply charge a flat fee for the repair.

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