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Why are OEM parts so important?

As an upstart iPhone repair small business my biggest challenge right now is trying to get my name out there without spending a bunch of money doing so. I recently posted an ad on Craiglist to try to increase my visibility. At the time I was the only post for cell phone repair locally on craigslist. Just a few days ago I checked the services area on Craiglist to see if there were other posts as well. There was another besides mine so I clicked on it. As I read the post it seemed awfully familiar. As I continued to read I realized that the poster was using my exact words! He left out some of what I said but his post was almost completely verbatim to what I had written. Needless to say I was a bit upset. While at first it really bothered me that this person stole my words and thoughts and used them as his own, now it doesn't bother me so much for one reason. The most important thing I can do is get others to recognize the importance of using OEM parts for their electronics repairs and this person is clearly increasing the exposure to that line of thinking. Right now my advantage is that I can offer a superior product at a better price because I have so little overhead, but I can't offer a better price than the shop that is going to use the cheapest parts they can find. I have to help potential customers see the enormous difference between cheap aftermarket parts and OEM Parts.

This is an excerpt of what I wrote on craigslist.

Our M.O. is quality. High quality parts and repairs done with great care. We believe in using OEM original parts if at all possible. That often means using refurbished or used parts because the results speak for themselves. Refurbished or used OEM parts are often the only option because Apple works very hard to keep all the money in their pocket. They do not make their parts available for second hand repairs. Only the Apple store has access to their original parts. New Genuine Apple parts, particularly screens and batteries are very difficult to find. If you do find new OEM Apple screens or batteries there is a good chance that it is off the black market, a part that didn't pass inspection or simply a counterfeit. There is a reason these OEM lightly used and refurbished parts demand a higher price than most brand new aftermarket parts (just shop around and you will see for yourself). The original Apple parts are VERY reliable.

A repair using an aftermarket screen may cost less but the phone usually ends up with touch issues, a dimmer display, glitches, a quickly draining battery, separation from the frame or all of the above. Refurbished displays using original OEM Apple LCDs function and look like a brand new screen if it is a quality refurbished display. The same goes for aftermarket batteries and other parts. You will get so much more return for your investment for an OEM part, even if used.

In a time where we rely on our extremely expensive electronics devices to do so much, it doesn't make sense to take a chance on using aftermarket parts. Those parts have no company name attached to them, have an unknown level of quality control in their production and are assembled with components of unknown origin and quality. In truth there are most likely some great aftermarket parts out there, but I rarely see them or even hear about them. You absolutely know what you are getting when you use an OEM lightly used or refurbished part.

Jeff - Tech Jedi - High Quality Phone Repair

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